The Critical Nature of Professional Computer Network

Nowadays, computer security threats have now grown exponentially both in numbers and sophistication. This makes computer network security compulsory for many small businesses and homeowners alike. Increased sophistication of such threats means that the job to ensure security should be entrusted in the hands of highly skilled and experienced professionals. These threats are engineered to deeply infiltrate our system and cause more harm than we can imagine. However, with the help of network security consultants Seattle, we can protect our small businesses and home network from such threats. These consultants are equipped with the right tools and software necessary to do a good job of building a strong defense.

Network threats now more than ever come in different forms. With this in mind, it is wise to put the security of our networks in capable hands. In this manner, we can always be at peace that our important documents are safe.

The following are types of internet-based threats:

Worms and Viruses

Apart from being the first form of threats and that it has been around before the days of the internet, viruses are still the most common type of threats lurking around.

Their style is to keep multiplying in any network they find themselves until the network is either disabled, compromised or both.

The upside to this is that they need to be introduced to the systems by a user. Thus, with the right network security consultant Seattle and protocols in place, a business can avoid such attacks.


This is a criminal attempt at getting sensitive information, such as credit card information, username, and passwords. This is meant to take advantage of unaware individuals. However, in this new age employees are more connected to business networks than ever before. Such business network, therefore, makes your business’ computer network security vulnerable. It is therefore imperative to use the services of network security consultants Seattle.

Packet Sniffers

Packet sniffing is like phishing but is directed at businesses. It captures network data streams from which sensitive information about the business can be extracted.

Packet sniffers can access a network through legitimate connections and can be very hard to detect. Securing a network from this type of threat would require an expert. Every point within the network must have proper security protocols, and be able to transmit and receive coded information.

Securing all components of network access control

Network security might not rank high in the priorities of the common small business owner or homeowner. It is however in four primary phases:

  • Authentication
  • Enforcement
  • Endpoint security
  • Management

For each of the phases listed above, there should be properly secured and defined protocols which would ensure a very strong defense of your business and home networks against security threats.

Network security is a very intricate and complex program. If just one part fails, all other come crashing down. Therefore, it is imperative that you employ the services of credible network security consultants Seattle.

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